Is my student data safe?

Scaffold Ed is committed to ensuring that student, school, and parent data is secure and protected. We seek to continue to build trust with educators, students, and parents by putting privacy and security at the forefront of what we do.

Below you can find out more about the steps we take to prioritize safety and privacy.

  • We don't save any of your data, it stays in Google Sheets
  • All user accounts are managed through Google Workspace
  • Data access is transparent (see "Permissions" tab)
  • Security provided by Google Workspace

Frequently-asked questions

Why does Scaffold Ed need me to login with Google?

Scaffold Ed runs within Google Sheets, so to sign-up (or sign-in) we don’t require a separate login. We only use your email to create a Scaffold Ed account, and we ask for specific permissions to access your files within your Google Drive when you start using Scaffold Ed for the first time.

A more specific, technical explanation:

Users authenticate with Scaffold Ed via Google’s OAuth mechanism. The Scaffold Ed Google Sheets Add-on attaches the Google-issued OAuth token on each API request to our backend systems. Our API servers then validate this OAuth token by making a request to Google’s OAuth servers. This authentication scheme allows us to identify and authenticate a user without needing a separate Scaffold Ed username/password.

Is using Scaffold Ed a privacy risk?

We understand that student data privacy is especially important to protect, and that’s exactly why Scaffold Ed is built to be added to your Google Sheets! Scaffold Ed does not save any of the data contained within your Sheets, so as long as your admins allow you to use Google Sheets with your school Google Workspace account you don’t need to worry about Scaffold Ed putting you or your students at risk.

Please contact the appropriate person at your school if you have any concerns about using Google Sheets with Scaffold Ed to manage student data. Our CEO is happy to address any concerns you or your school may have — please reach out to with any questions.

How do I make sure my student data is secure?

Scaffold Ed sits on top of your existing systems (like Google Sheets), and we take great care to never record user data when syncing their Sheets. By maintaining safe practices with your Google account login and restricting your Google Sheets to be viewed only by yourself or colleagues, you can be sure that your data is secure.

A more specific, technical explanation:

We never store copies of your data on our servers.

In our databases, we store only the necessary metadata about your Sheets that allows the Scaffold Ed application to sync your Google Sheets. When a user is configuring or running a data import, some data might be temporarily cached, but only for the duration required to complete the desired operation.

Read our full privacy policy

If you have further concerns or questions about data security, please reach out to Scaffold Ed at and we will be happy to discuss further.