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Sync all of your student data without ever leaving Google Sheets. Generate insight with student information in minutes, not hours.

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Google Sheets doesn't have to be where student data goes to get lost.

tabs. tabs! TABS!!!

It seems like everyday there's a new tab at the bottom of those school-wide spreadsheets.

G-Drive is your enemy

Spreadsheets specialize in getting lost during parent conferences and report card season.

Never up to date

“How can our school claim to be “data driven” if we never have up to date data?” Good question...

Sync all of your Google Sheets, instantly

Sync columns between any of your Google Sheets with 3 clicks. Building reports and finding student information has never been faster.

Connection editor design
Connection list design

Update for one, update for all

Connections are live, which means you’ll never have to manually update your Sheets or use IMPORTRANGE to copy data. Everything will always be up to date.

Parent conferences shouldn't be a scramble

Your students aren't just a row of data in a single spreadsheet, see how your data connects and find what you need in seconds. All of your student data is at your fingertips.

Map view of all sheets and connected data

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Scaffold Ed is committed to ensuring that student, school, and parent data is secure and protected. We seek to continue to build trust with educators, students, and parents by putting privacy and security at the forefront of what we do.

Want centralized data for your entire
school or district?

Schools and districts can integrate their SIS, LMS, and other 3rd party products with Google Sheets in seconds. Your entire data pipeline can be managed without writing a single line of code.